Government Schemes managed by us, entail vocational training and placements, to different sets of young pupils, making them job-ready. Under the NSQF program, we train high school students across India.

The government of India brought out a revised centrally sponsored scheme for vocationalisation of secondary and higher secondary education by ministry of HRD to integrate employability education into school education in September 2011. ​

Objective NSQF​
  1. Accommodates the diversity of the Indian education and training systems​
  2. Allows the development of a set of qualifications for each level, based on outcomes which are accepted across the nation​
  3. Provides structure for development and maintenance of progression pathways which provide access to qualifications and assist people to move easily and readily between different education and training sectors and between those sectors and the labour market​
  4. Gives individuals an option to progress through education and training and gain recognition for their prior learning and experiences​
  5. Underpins national regulatory and quality assurance arrangements for education and training​
  6. Supports and enhances the national and international mobility of persons with NSQF-compliant qualifications through increased recognition of the value and comparability of Indian qualifications​