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Social Transformation Institute (STI)

Research indicates that Training and Development is amongst the top three focus areas of Corporate Social Responsibility programs by various corporate training companies in india. As per industry reports, 9 companies spent more than INR 500 million each on education and skills development projects during the last financial year.

For corporates looking to induce effectiveness into their social initiatives, this vertical of MindLeaders supports the entire value chain.

Our model is based on addressing the needs of the industry for skilled women workforce in women friendly careers like Hospitality, health care and self-sustainability and engage with the women community to execute employability-oriented skilling initiatives.

MindLeaders India is soft skills training company in India which is specialized in areas of hospitality and healthcare for women forms an integral part of our strategy on Women empowerment. Skills development is the key to improving productivity, employability and income-earning opportunities, and promoting sustainable development of women. Despite women's role in manufacturing, agriculture, services and other allied activities, higher barriers in education and training limit their participation in performing more productive work, taking leadership roles and participate fully in the development of their communities.

Women Empowerment & Livelihood Skills Development


  • Take a multi- stakeholder approach
  • Empower target audience to take action
  • Mobilize communities
  • Build a strong evidence base

Micro Marketing through Innovative Engagement with Women


  • Understand the demographic and psychographic profile of specific women groups
  • Create outreach campaigns
  • Mobilize the specific women target audience
  • Develop training/ sensitization content using engaging pedagogy
  • Execute sensitization programmes & awareness sessions
  • Create brand pull amongst the target group
The Value of Proposition of STI
  • Alignment with social transformation goals
  • Holistic Empowerment of women
  • Gender Mainstreaming
  • Powerty Alleviation through effective skilling
  • Innovative channels for large customer bases, especially women
  • Highly focused marketing tool for business
  • Micro segmented approach to ensure profitability
  • Enabling women friendly careers in sectors like Hospitality & Healthcare