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Institute of Learning Events (ILE)

Our institute of learning events provides Learning and Development which involves the effectiveness of organizations to improve the performance and self-fulfillment of their employees through variety of educational method and programmes.

MindLeaders, leveraging its proven capabilities in generating rich, thematic content, deep-rooted expertise in hospitality domain and nationwide presence, designs and implements customized world class learning and development interventions under diverse themes and popular formats.

The organization also leads and owns high-impact, corporate knowledge events, beginning with ideation, learning content development & curation, event structuring and final staging.

In this segment, the team has organized premium events independently for its own business partners, clients and in collaboration with leading corporate training companies in India like ASSOCHAM, FICCI & PHDCCI.

Learning Interventions in Meetings, Incentives, Conferences & Exhibitions (MICE)


  • Provide value added content to corporate events
  • Offer end-to-end content led event solutions
  • Measure impact and chart improvement actions

Learning Journeys


  • Build awareness around happiness drivers and identify opportunities
  • Focus on return on investments and influence lasting change
  • Promote local businesses and local resources

Heritage Journeys - 'Kashmir To Kanyakumari' Culinary Journey

In this very unique curated experience, you will find yourself immersed into a new culture, using food as a medium. Through food, you can learn about the history, geography and culture of India's unique landscape. Therefore the journey focusses on being involved, learning first-hand, observing the craft and absorbing all your can, making it easier to define the way you want.

Culinary Journeys - 'The Onion' - Cooking To Unpeel

At MindLeaders, we believe in bringing in the uniqueness of deriving various aspects of leadership through non-business activities and stringing the experiences into critical leadership qualities.

'Cooking to Unpeel' uses an immersive approach, delving into the plethora of cuisines in India. It revolves around cooking as a theme, that makes learning fun, engaging and interactive through unique culinary experiences.

Adventure Based Journeys

At MindLeaders, we believe that a well-designed and seamlessly executed experiential training makes a significant impact on organization and employees. We aim to drive learning through reflecting on what you do.

We impart knowledge and employ techniques that enable you to act, think and be innovative through a deeply engaging learning experience that influences both EQ and IQ. Some of the key themes are Leadership development, Strategic thinking, Achievement orientation, Team building etc. Each of the activity addressess all kinds of learners who may be either visual, auditory or tactile/kinaesthetic learners, leading to high retention levels.
The Value of Proposition of ILE
  • Convenient, comprehensive & hassle free solutions
  • Customized, uniquely positioned learning solutions
  • Scalable, replicable and sustainable solutions
  • Engaging, high energy and experimental learning simulations
  • Improved recall and higher retention by teams
  • Successful sponsor retention